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Professional Tree Trimming Service

Most trees will need some trimming and pruning to keep them looking their best. Incorrect technique, however, can seriously damage your tree. The arborists at GP Tree are skilled in the art and science of trimming and pruning so your trees look healthy, enhance your property, and thrive for their lifetime.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning in Akron, OH

Tree trimming is different from tree pruning, which is more extensive. Our trimming service is aimed at improving the overall appearance of your trees by removing stray shoots and encouraging new, fuller growth.

Trees are pruned to remove dead, damaged or diseased branches as well as any unnecessary branches. Sometimes trees also benefit from some thinning of the canopy or pruning of branches growing in the wrong direction. In other cases, branches must be pruned away from obstacles, such as buildings or power lines.

Large shrubs and flowering plants also benefit from careful pruning to remove dead wood and encourage additional growth and blooms.

Dead or diseased limbs should be removed immediately regardless of the time of year to avoid injury or damage and to prevent spread of disease to other trees.

While we understand minor pruning is often done by homeowners, major pruning should always be done by professionals both to avoid an accident and to protect the health of the tree.

Proper tree pruning in Canton, Mogadore

Pruning and trimming done correctly will provide you with healthy, full trees and shrubs, full of foliage and free of diseases. At GP Tree, you can count on our professionals to work within the following guidelines:

  • In person examination of your tree to identify dead wood and optimum shaping options
  • Cut where growth will occur to promote quick healing and reduce the risk of infestation
  • We favor dry, sunny days for pruning to minimize microbe growth
  • Our tools are sharp to provide a clean cut that develops a healthy callous, and disinfected to prevent the spread of disease

Contact GP Tree today for more details about our pruning and trimming services. We are always available to examine your trees and shrubs and advise you as to how you can best promote healthy growth throughout your landscaping.

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