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Storm Damage Services in Akron, OH

High wind and heavy rain can mean large branches or entire trees impacting your property or your home. You are not alone. GP Tree Service has emergency service and expertise to handle any storm damage situation.

Our team is available when trees cause damage to your home, garage, shed, fence or a neighbor’s property. Even minor damage to your roof can lead to more serious interior damage due to exposure to the elements. That’s why our emergency service is available 24/7.

What can you do?

If a tree has come down on your property, assess the damage and act quickly.

If a tree is on your home, evacuate immediately, or call 911 if you are unable to exit your home.

If a tree on your property has impacted another tree, a garage or shed, a fence, or a neighbor’s property, inspect the area before attempting to assess the damage. The impact area could be dangerous due to compromised branches or power lines.

If roof damage has exposed the interior of your home, attempt to protect the interior only if the area has been deemed safe.

Call GP Tree immediately for help securing your home and property.

Do not attempt to deal with a downed tree or storm damage on your own. The professionals at GP Tree understand storm damage and the dangers that can accompany it. Our team will carefully remove the tree while protecting your home and property from further damage. We remove all debris and we provide stump grinding upon request.

Help prevent storm damage

Old or diseased trees are often more vulnerable during a storm situation, but even healthy trees or large branches on healthy trees can come down in high wind or rain that has saturated root systems. As a result, not all storm damage can be prevented, but you can minimize the risk by having trees on your property inspected and maintained by the professionals at GP Tree.

Our tree removal services are always available if you have trees on your property that are old or have been compromised. We safely remove dangerous trees or remove dead branches at an affordable price. Call today for an assessment or for any storm damage.

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