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Trimming and pruning can be impacted by the same obstacles as tree removal. For these situations, GP Tree experts use a bucket truck to maximize the reach of our technicians so we can safely remove dead or dying branches, shape your tree, or provide some minor trimming to help encourage the lush growth you are hoping for.

Our bucket truck service in Akron and the surrounding area allows us to reach trees that would otherwise be inaccessible due to buildings or ground level variables, such as a ravine. Our technicians can access branches in power lines or those overhanging a building from the safety of our bucket truck.

Buckets trucks are used where stable ground ensures safe lifting and extension to maximize reach, with ongoing training available for all our team members.

Why you need our bucket truck service:

  • Trees that are hemmed in by buildings or fencing
  • Branches overhanging large roof areas
  • A tree that has grown into power lines
  • Trimming or pruning where the tree cannot be safely climbed
  • Close-up inspection of a tree to confirm disease or damage

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