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Professional Tree Removal Service


At GP Tree Service, we will do everything possible to save the trees on your property. Unfortunately, removal is sometimes necessary. These cases include damaged trees that cannot be pruned or cabled, trees that are diseased or dying due to age or stress, and even trees that have grown too large and have become a hazard to homes or nearby structures.

Our team is licensed, bonded and insured, and well-equipped to handle tree removal safely and efficiently, including trees in difficult to access spaces and near power lines. We first assess the condition and location of your tree to ensure we approach removal in the safest and most economical way possible, from climbing to using rigging or cranes. Your tree removal project in Akron or Massillon is completed once debris is cleared away, including stump removal as requested.

Do you need tree removal in Canton, Mogadore, or the surrounding area? 

Our tree removal assessment procedure includes:

  • In-person inspection of your tree and property
  • Discussion of options for saving or removing the tree
  • Cost estimate for removal, taking into consideration the location and size of the tree and the equipment needed to complete the project
  • Removal scheduled to prevent additional hazards or risk of property damage or injury

The GP Tree team is experienced in risk assessment, tree pruning, and tree removal to protect your property. Contact us today if you believe a tree on your property needs to be removed.

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