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Professional Lot Clearing Service

GP Tree professionals consider lot clearing an opportunity to leave a piece of property exactly as you need it for your future plans. Our service includes equipment to clear even the largest lot of weeds, shrubs, wild grass and rocks, along with planning services that take into account those portions of landscaping you hope to retain.

Preplanning included

When you contact us for lot clearing, we meet with you first to inspect your property and discuss your intentions for use. We consider options for saving trees, allowing for views from a front window of a home or office, and how our work may impact local wildlife. We mark off areas prior to clearing to protect root systems so that trees you wish to save have the best chance to thrive in their new habitat.

Our lot clearing service includes excavating, grading, and scaping to your specifications, so your property is free of rocks and debris and ready for development when your construction crew arrives.

From leveling an area behind your home for an addition to preparing land for planting to terracing a large backlot, if you are looking for lot clearing service in the Canton and Akron area, contact GP Tree Service.

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