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Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Service

Rid your yard of stumps for beauty and safety!

Stump Grinding

Homeowners often choose stump grinding for aesthetic reasons and to allow for more creative and flexible use of their yard. At GP Tree, we know that it’s not just about how your yard looks.

Stumps and their roots can be a trip hazard and they are an invitation to every insect in the area to take up residence in your yard. As they rot, they provide ideal nesting for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, even rodents, all of which may ultimately find their way into your home. Remove the stump and you remove the nest and risk of infestation.

At GP Tree, our skilled team uses a RAYCO stump cutter that is top of the line in stump grinding and gets the job quickly and completely. We get the stump and roots and grind to the depth you need so your yard is left ready for other uses, including planting grass or another tree. Use the resulting mulch to beautify other areas of your yard or we can remove it.

For professional stump grinding in Akron and Canton, contact GP Tree.

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